“Neuro Spinal CME” by Al Sharq Hospital

“Neuro Spinal CME” by Al Sharq Hospital

4th November 2022

Al Sharq Hospital organized the Neuro Spinal CME which was held at Novotel Hotel in Fujairah on 4th November. Education is one of the main pillars that Al Sharq Hospital is committed to, as these accredited programs aim to support education and continuous professional development for healthcare professionals.

The program was presented by the top of Al Sharq Orthopedic Surgeons with the participation of the Italian Orthopedic Consultant Dr. Stefano Astolfi from San Carlo Hospital in Rome. Advanced and innovative therapeutic techniques and comprehensive knowledge in spine disorders were discussed in the presence of more than 100 physicians and healthcare professionals.

Through its continuing medical education programs, Al Sharq Hospital strives to improve the quality of healthcare services in Fujairah and the East Coast of the UAE.