Amwal Brokerage LLC

As the business community in UAE is becoming more aware of the prospects of financing through the newly revitalized capital market and with a big number of brokerage firms reaching 50.we recognizes the lack of adequate financial and statistical data and the need for more knowledgeable, specialized, reliable, and powerful course of information and unique services.

Hence Amwal has been started early in 2007 to begin its business activities to diversified financial group involved in providing a wide spectrum of high level integrated investment banking service to serve the needs of the clients who desire more detailed and analyzed data on the market and individual companies. The new dynamic, energetic that ran the firm now are well qualified, better trained and experienced the management team are truly dedicated to the development in the financial sector of the firm supported by an experienced. Accounting team insures the smooth operation of the firm’s activities. We sum up our investments policy in reliance on our own in-depth economic and market research to establish relative values among investment opportunities so as to help client to choose what is appropriate to him. Our perception of success is being achieved through absolute dedication to meeting our client objectives and achieving superior performance. Furthermore, we will establish strong ties with the investments arms of the major player in the markets.

Despite the sharp in the competition, we are confident that we will soon maintain our position in the forefront of the UAE capital market.

Contact & Information

Amwal Brokerage LLC
FNG Building No. 1, Al Mina Road,
P.O. Box 121, Fujairah, U.A.E.
T: +971 9 222 3000