Al Watan Security

Al-WATAN Security services was established in 1982 and participated in miscellaneous security guarding and on various fields.

Al-Watan Security services provides a comprehensive range of security solutions, supported by skilled personnel, dedicated to the safety and security of client assets, thus ensuring that our customers can conduct their businesses.

Al-Watan Security services extends across wide spectrum of business verticals such as oilfields, hospitals, malls, hotels estate management, educational institutes, universities, schools, warehousing, ,retail brands , banks, small and large events etc.

The Al-Watan Securtiy Services employees have extensive security services experience and are from the same sector. The team of Al-Watan Security Services is ex-military retirees who have extensive experience in that area, and they also have security licenses from the department of private security companies. Al-Watan Security Services approach to guarding is radically different- and we use the latest technology available.

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Al Watan Security Services
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