Al-Sharq Medical Center - CosmoMed

CosmoMed is a high profiled cosmetology, dermatology and laser skin care centre equipped with most modern medical equipment, specially trained staffs under experienced doctors. The center is operated in a purpose-built building with split male and female sessions consistent with UAE’s grate cultural lights and empanelled with all major insurance companies in the UAE.

The centre provides Dermatology Consultation for all skin diseases, Laser hair removal, Facial rejuvenation, Crystal Peeling, Hair loss treatment, Liposuction / Weight loss treatment, Treatment for Dark Patches, Acne, Moles, Stretch Marks, Melasma, etc., Treatment for Superficial Various Veins, Spider Veins and Telangiectasia, Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and sexual dysfunction treatment, etc.

Contact & Information:
Al Sharq Medical Centre - CosmoMed
P.O. Box: 2766,
Fujairah - UAE T: +971 9 2249545
F: +971 9 2249373